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All service performed by A+ Certified technician.  

Complete computer service and or repairs, service Alliston and surrounding area.

Hourly Shop Rate:   $50.00 per hour - minimum charge.
Field service Rate:   $70.00 per hour - minimum charge.
Telephone Tech support: $20.00 minimum, balance charged at Shop Rate (existing customers only).
Pick-Up and Delivery available when necessary  in Alliston. For pick-up and delivery in Cookstown or Everett mileage charges apply in addition to minimum charge).  Minimum
pickup and delivery charge $30.00.

***Sorry we do not service machines running processors less than 1.6ghz or machines running Xp, Vista, Win95/Win98 /NT Workstation or prior, since service charges would exceed the value of the machine.***

Operating System install: customer supplied  XP-Home, XP-Pro, Vista all versions, Windows 7 all versions (customer must supply valid product key, and or Certificate of Authenticity.) $130.00.
(includes O/S critical updates, configure email client, additional software extra.)
minimum processor speed P4 - machine @ 1.6ghz. 

Back-up Data & Reinstall Operating System: $100.00 additonal costs may apply when driver disks are not provided.

Software Installation: $15.00 per program, Designed for Windows Programs only, (DOS based programs not included)  in addition to shop/field rate.
Antivirus Program install: Customer supplied software: $15.00 includes updates in addition to shop/field rate.
Configure Email Client: (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Incredi-Mail, etc.) $15.00. 

Hard Drive Installation: 
Hard Drive: $45.00 Includes, physically connecting, partitioning. and formatting (client supplied hard-drive) Cloning your existing drive to new drive. Optical Drive: (CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, DVD-RW).

Device Installation: 
PCI, AGP, PCI-Express devices including: modems, sound-cards, network cards, video cards, Optical Drive: (CD-Rom, DVD-Rom, DVD-RW) includes installation of supplied drivers where necessary -  shop or field rate plus $20.00 

Missing Drivers Search:
Download & install drivers, create driver disk, $30.00.

Computer Clean-up: $70.00
Scan for spyware, Scan for viruses and malware, remove if necessary. 
Complete System optimization. Prevent unecessary processes from starting at boot-up.  Removal of junk and temporary files.  Removal of obsolete entries from the registry. Defragment hard-disk. Update  antivirus definitions. Update your Operating System with available critical updates. 

Connect new computer to existing network, mileage charges, plus Field rate, plus parts, minimum $60.00 plus $20.00 per machine. Plus travel. 

Other Services: please request a quotation.

New Parts: please request a quotation.




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